Heltec Wireless Tracker

Good morning, I have a Heltec Wireless Tracker, with firmware 2.2.17 installed, I have enabled GPS from Android and selected smart position, but the GPS doesn’t work, does anyone have the same problem?

Initial GPS lock can take 15-30 minutes and requires a very clear few of the sky usually. Other users have also reported that this device’s GPS does not do well indoors.

Hi, thanks for the reply, but I think it’s a problem with the Android app. On settings, position the default PINs for GPS are RX 15 and TX 13 for this module they are tx 33 and RX 34.

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The bme280 sensor also doesn’t work, the PINs are 41 and 42 but by connecting the sensor the module doesn’t restart. For this I have not found a solution.

Hi All,

I having the same issue to get the GPS enable on my Heltec Wireless Tracker. Can you check my config is correct as below.

RX pin 34
TX pin 33
Enable Pin - 37


GPS works for me with these settings.


Got it to work - by swapping the pin around. RX33 &TX34.