Heltec V3, USB battery bank, and solar panel

I’ve got a Heltec V3, up on my roof, hooked up to a USB battery bank. Everything is hunky dory. Every week I bring the USB battery bank inside and charge it up.

I thought about hooking up a solar panel to the USB battery bank to keep it topped up while it’s powering the Heltec. That’s fair enough. The solar panel does charge the battery bank (with no Heltec). Lovely.

But, when I hook the Heltec to the battery bank (with the solar panel connected to the battery bank) the Heltec causes the battery bank to keep flicking off and on thus rebooting the Heltec.

If I take the Heltec off the battery bank the battery bank carries on charging fine. No restarts. Plug the Heltec into the battery bank and it and the battery bank starts flicking off and on.

This has happened with two different panels and two different battery banks.

Any ideas??? I’m stumped.

Connect the node via tiny battery plug directly from the liion battery and charge the power bank from 10w solar panel to 5v usb connector.

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Double (maybe three times) -click the button on the power bank

Being able to work as a UPS isn’t a feature that most USB battery banks have. (Most cannot charge and output at the same time)

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Well, now you have me wondering what a double/triple tap of the button might do…

Double = send position,
tripple = toggle gps on/off

I have my Heltec V 3 up high connected to 3000Mah battery and ran the usb cable down to a usb port. That way don’t have do any manual recharging.