Help sx1262 device

Hi all !
I’m looking for a “Meshtastic” compatible device with sx1262 and for the 433 MHz band (sma connector if possible) : who can help me … because I can’t find it! (TTGO ?)
Thanks :slight_smile:

ps: preferably not a clone of clone;)

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I think the sx1262 version of the tbeam would be perfect for that.

Thank you for your prompt response @geeksville but precisely I only find it in the 868 or 915 MHz versions :frowning:
By example :
I would like to experiment and compare links between 433 and 868 MHz (in Europe)

ps : I favored the urls given here: but even elsewhere nothing :frowning:

There is this one

but the gps is a neo-6M, and not 8M !

Oh interesting - I never noticed they didn’t make a 400MHz sx1262 version. Bummer.

the sx1262 is a worldwide chip. data sheet says it supports 150mhz -> 960mhz. I suspect the difference is in what antenna is shipped with the board and the preloaded firmware on the chip.

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great point @mc-hamster. no (selectable) firmware on the chip itself, so I bet he just needs the antenna.

I think the sx1262 chip may be wide-band, but I thought the transmit/receive and matching network enclosed in the ttgo “module” were designed for a given band (example 150MHz, or 433MHz, or 868/915MHz) and NOT frequency agile.


IIRC, while the radios themselves might be capable of hitting all the sub-GHz ISM bands, they also generate spurious emissions on other frequencies that need to be filtered out before the signal makes it to the antenna, depending on the frequency they are actually trying to use.

Hmm… the data sheet on page 74 says it’s matched for power output but it also mentions a low pass filter.

I’ll look for the schematic of that module or take mine apart.


Even though the wide-band claim is made for that whole family of Semtech chips, it seems the SX1268 is commonly used for the lower end of the band (433, 490MHz). There are several modules available under that designation, perhaps that would yield better search results.

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Thanks for all your feedbacks: I think I’ll wait and use the sx127X for now because it’s still a blur for me !
“[…] SX1268 […] There are several modules available under that designation” .
Thank you @xyc0n : for the moment I can not find anything (for a use of Meshtastic) … but I will stay on standby :wink:

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Here are some examples of available modules. As far as using them with a meshtastic radio, it seems that the sx1262 and sx1268 are at least protocol, if not pin compatible. This library seems to suggest that. In that case it would be possible to hook up one of these modules to an ESP32 or even swap modules on an off-the-shelf radio and have it working with meshtastic without much additional configuration.

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Hey everyone
In my country im able to use 433, 868 and 915 I have been testing the range between the 433 SX1276 against the sx1262 at 868 anyone else done this?
I am using these two antennas for 433 and for 868

What im finding is the SX1262 at 868 seems to give far better range.
Still waiting on my Nano VNA so I can check the antennas.


The 1262 has 2db better maximum link budget than the 1276, mostly from the improved transmitter.

That should translate to about 25% (give or take, it’s too late to do math) better range in open air.

Check out the “link budget” from their website:

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Hey Mc-Hamster
I’m thinking if its not the antenna’s it might be local interference?
I’m getting well over 25% higher when technically it should be much closer as 433 should require half as much power to transmit over the same distance.

Also EU433 is 433.05 -434.79 MHz? Where as 868 is 864 -870MHz? Would that extra frequency range make a difference?

The lower frequency device should attenuate less (go through more objects) than the higher frequency device. As an example — All things being equal, if it’s foggy the 433 would go further.

Antenna efficiency (is it tuned for the right frequency) and antenna radiation pattern (gain) may also affect your results.