GPS is on the blink

I am just getting started. I got 2 LILYGO Mee shtastic LORA32 T-Beam V1.1 ESP32 Development Board WiFi BLE CH9102F Chip TTGO Soldered OLED Module. I had them communicating with each other inside. I thought I could run one of them in my car and see how far down the road I could go. However, while moving the radio unit around to find a good place for it, a red light (not the one paired with a blue LED) started blinking. I looked quite some time for info on what this LED indicates. I think it means the GPS isn’'t finding any incoming radio signals. I put in on top of a sweater on top of the car hood and left it running for an hour. (Sometimes my car GPS takes several minutes to connect with satellite signals.) It was still blinking.

I brought it back inside, where my auto GPS can’t get a signal, and after a few hours it stopped blinking.

I think maybe there isn’t really a problem, and what is happening is that the radios are losing satellite reception because the satellites are moving out of range, at which point it has to scan for a newly arrived one to lock on to.

You have it reversed, the red LED that blinks indicates that the device has acquired a GPS lock. If you do not see that red LED blinking the device does not have a GPS lock.


You should also be able to see the number of satellites on the screen.

Thanks. I was aware that I might have it wrong. I found only minimal information on-line.

I wondered about that. I’ll look again. Thanks.

I have the same t-beam same problem. quick flashing single red gps led and i can not get a gps location in meshtastic.