Goodbye Slack, hello Discord

Many of you have already joined out Discord server, as it has proved to be much more popular and active than the Slack server.
This post is just letting everyone know that the development slack server has been officially shut down.

We hope many more of you can join our discord server Meshtastic


With all due respect to the people who decided this, and with no intention to start a flame, I am struggling to make sense of this decision. (From what I’m hearing, since I couldn’t even log in) Discord looks like an awful service.

Other than popularity, is there any unique quality of this service that makes it preferable to other Internet chatroom systems that are more reputable, more open, more inclusive and less disrespectful of their users’ privacy?

Originally we were looking for an alternative due to the increasing restrictions placed on non-paying slack accounts, many of the alternatives discussed lacked either platform availability and/or lack of uptake/popularity.
Accessibility is key to having whatever we chose thrive, and so far Discord appears to have been a good choice.
I cannot speak from your experience with regards to being unable to login (happy to help if you want). You mentioned hearing that it is an awful service? Would you mine elaborating as there may be things we can do on our end to mitigate some of these.

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Thank you for the clarifications.

Much of the awfulness of Discord is captured in this analysis by RMS: Reasons not to use Discord

Really grateful for your offer, unfortunately it would be a wasted effort. There’s a significant misalignment between the target demographic of Discord and that of Meshtastic, and I am simply not part of the overlapping set.
But hey, being banned on Discord never stopped me from contributing to the projects I like, and less chat means more time to work so it’s all good :slight_smile:

Probably a moot point at this stage, but unlike social networks, where being discoverable by as many people as possible is important, in selecting a web chat platform for an open project I don’t think the size of its existing userbase is as much a key factor as inclusiveness, ethics or security.

What about all the open-source federated systems like IRC, Matrix, Jabber, Mattermost, Jitsi and so on? Have any of these been considered?

As you have said, Discord is not a privacy first platform, but I can assure you it is quite capable in terms of features.

While it would be nice goal to eventually setup a custom Matrix server (which Meshtastic is actually slated to gateway into eventually), that takes a fair amount of infrastructure to setup. It has to be hosted somewhere, and it needs to be maintained by someone. There are also Matrix hosting services available, but either a custom server or a managed service will cost time and money. Discord is free and functional, and we switched because we outgrew Slack’s free plan. If anyone is willing to take on the effort of setting up and / or hosting a Matrix server, I think it would make sense to switch, but for now, the convenience and availability of a free service gets the job done.

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The fact that many people hope to use Meshtastic on iOS and Android, and even Windows devices makes the privacy and open source argument null. Our FIRST goal is to create an amazing project. Already Discord has been used far more than Slack (which also has serious privacy/security issues). Sorry to say it but IRC, Matrix, Jabber and all of those solutions, while wonderful that they are open source and more privacy friendly, are never going to be as good as Discord, as proven by Discord’s popularity. We’re aiming for practicality, not privacy.

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Thanks @thebentern, @charminULTRA for the extra information.

@charminULTRA, I’m not quite clear on a few points in your message and I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.

I’m sorry, from your post history it’s unclear what group, organization or business you’re speaking on behalf of, and whether you’re speaking in personal or official capacity. Who is WE?

How is this different from saying, for example: “The fact that many people eat satay every day makes the peanut allergy argument null”.

More to the point, how does your comment apply to the people living in IT-hostile shitholes like China, India, Australia, Myanmar, Belarus, even Russia to a degree.
There are highly competent people out there, for whom one single security slip may mean loss of liberty or even loss of life. Are you suggesting that they should be required to downgrade their security posture to the lowest common denominator (Windows users) in order to be allowed to participate in project discussions?

This may be because I haven’t even made the open source argument yet! :slight_smile:
After reading the answers above, I decided to not open that particular can of worms just now.
So, can you please let me know which “open source argument” you had in mind?

Thank you