Feature Request: Long press message for stats

I would love to be able to long press a message in the android app and see what nodes have sent an ack response and include the snr. And maybe instead of a simple check mark in the cloud icon the number of acks.

This idea came about in this thread: Having a really hard time with Range - #29 by Everlanders

If you guys want this please like this post so we can have a better idea of how popular this feature is.

-~-~-Spec Revisions (updated based on discussion feedback and requests)-~-~-

  • Long press messages for additional details about that message
  • Received acks (include friendly node name, not just node id)
  • Change cloud icon so it shows number of acks instead of check mark
  • Include Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for each nodes ack
  • Hops remaining information

–special request to readers and developers–
I’m thinking this could become a template of sorts for users requests. Please let me know if you have ideas on how I can improve the initial post and guidelines for replys.


…and hops remaining.