Feature Request: Long press message for stats

I would love to be able to long press a message in the android app and see what nodes have sent an ack response and include the snr. And maybe instead of a simple check mark in the cloud icon the number of acks.

This idea came about in this thread: Having a really hard time with Range - #29 by Everlanders

If you guys want this please like this post so we can have a better idea of how popular this feature is.

-~-~-Spec Revisions (updated based on discussion feedback and requests)-~-~-

  • Long press messages for additional details about that message
  • Received acks (include friendly node name, not just node id)
  • Change cloud icon so it shows number of acks instead of check mark
  • Include Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for each nodes ack
  • Hops remaining information

–special request to readers and developers–
I’m thinking this could become a template of sorts for users requests. Please let me know if you have ideas on how I can improve the initial post and guidelines for replys.


…and hops remaining.

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I’m commenting to bring this to the forefront. I just received 3 devices and was playing around with the messaging and was just thinking how it would be nice to see which nodes actually received the message and which of them didn’t. The features that @Spor7biker and @Everlanders mentioned above are actually good ideas.

This is mostly available on iOS with message sent time, ack status and a timestamp when the ack was received. Ack snr is included if there was no error.

With flood routing (and the data in an ack message) there is not really a way to trace the path of the message or show hop information.

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