DFU USB update RAK 4630 using SSH Rpi


I need for DFU USB update 4630 to start the disk in 4630 for the possibility of copying firmw. I can’t use the button though, I will do it using SSH. The option is via minicom, but I can’t send the AT=BOOT command to the USB yet.
Can you please give me some advice?

Why don’t you update via BlueTooth?
Index of /download/MeshTastic/ for more information.

I can’t get to the device easily, it’s on the cell op tower. I mean, I can only get in remotely via VPN and SSH.

Great it’s on a cell tower, how did you do that?? ;))

Placing the BLueTooth antenna in the right way can help sometimes.

Take a look at this: https://wolvex.nl/download/MeshTastic/BlueTooth/

But via SSH… hm… so via the cmd line you can try this:

Open terminal in admin mode, go to the unpacked zip file and

./device-install.bat -f firmware-xxxxx-2.2.24.e6a2c06.bin

28 mei 2024 20:00 van notifications_at_meshtastic.discoursemail.com_bocachica@duck.com:

adafruit-nrfutil --verbose dfu serial --package firmware.zip
-p /dev/ttyACM0 -b 115200 --singlebank --touch 1200

Can I use this command to switch Rak to the boot disk?

For me, just the switch is enough, then the disk is mapped by samba to sharing. Then I simply copy the new firmware.


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