Changing connected radio name?

APP notice the “Connected to radio Tbeam” this seem the name of the Firmware bin file. When rename the FW bin file to radio-02-bin, radio-03.bin is still work or need to match the exact FW number? Or is the number used to show FW version on display?
Change to Tbeam 1.2.49.RADIO-2.bin will do?

I notice what ever i do to change the file name, in the APP the “Connected to radio Tbeam” not change.
Mabe make this a issue or for next release?

changing the filename doesn’t (and shouldn’t) change the firmware version.

Thank you,
like change the name in the APP
“Connected to radio Tbeam”
in to
“Connected to radio Tbeam 1.2.49.RADIO-01”

name is handled in the “Your Name” text field, right above that line. Meshtastic treats user, node, device, radio all under the same name, and each radio/device/node represents one user.

Thank understand, in the APP there are now 2 identifiers, if i be correct?
“Connected to radio Tbeam”
“user name”

Is it possible use 1 identifiers or name for internal and external?

3 names for 1 same device