Bi-weekly Releases for Meshtastic Device and Meshtastic Python!


So … we’re going to try something. Every two weeks on or around Friday we are going to have a coordinated release of both the Meshtastic Device and Meshtastic Python API. We hope we can add other projects to that list, but we’ll start with that.

This new cadence starts today!

We are pushing a number of changes today and the next drop will be in two weeks, on or around Friday the 17th. Why “on or around”? Because life happens. :slight_smile:

If we end up not having a release because there are no changes or the build is too unstable, we will post that we are skipping the release.

We hope that with this more rapid schedule we can get more fixes out faster and let you try out what we’re excited to share.



Very nice. Thank you to everyone that is contributing these updates.
It looks like the project is picking up steam again and I’m excited to see the next round of community engagement.

As one of the few site admins and moderators I’ll do my best to check in more often. Life has been busy and after getting married I find the kinds of projects I’ve been working on are more of the ‘Honey-Do List’ variety.