Anyone know who is putting these up?

I am wanting to do something similar and would love to see a Bill of Materials for each node.

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They are helium, gonna get a big fine.

Why would they be fined? Their used on the ISM band and aside from theft what harm are they causing?

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You can’t leave stuff on public lands

Interesting. I figure they’d be treated much like game cams. Your the one taking the risk. If it gets stolen or removed/confiscated your out the $$

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Assuming when it comes to lands that aren’t directly owned by you, is definitely a risk lol

Anyone have a link to their bill of materials???

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No, because as was mentioned it was a helium miner and not Meshtastic. You’d want to check helium forums if you want what items they used.

Ammo can, lead acid battery, mono solar panel, solar charge controller, raspberry pi based helium miner and some aluminum extrusions.

If they were smart, they’d make it look like a small pine tree. :joy:

My solar powered meshtastic - for deployment anywhere.

-$50 meshtastic radio from etsy (garth)
-$45 voltaic power bank - need for proper operation with solar panel
Voltaic Systems V25 6,400mAh USB Always On Battery Backup Power Bank for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android, and HTC Devices (Gray)

-$63 omni antenna
Limited-time deal: Hexa Boost LoRa Antenna 915MHz Kit 8dBi Gain Outdoor Omni-Direction HNT Miner Antenna 3.6 ft Helium Hotspot Antenna

-$14 Waterproof storage container
Zerone Waterproof Case Storage Organizer, Outdoor Shockproof and Pressure-Proof Waterproof Sealed Box Survival Storage Case Home Outdoor Storage Box

-$26 solar panel with mount
5W Solar Panel for Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Compatible with Rechargeable Battery Powered Surveillance Cam, Continuous Solar Power for Camera, Not Compatible with Arlo Ring Blink Camera

-$20 misc connectors

$210 apx

Are you sure the link for the solar panel is correct? Amazon link says 5W but the panel in the article looks a lot bigger.

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That list is what they’re using, not what was found.

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Sorry this list is for what I assume is a similar setup to theirs, only this is for meshtastic. It’s working for me it has stayed online 24/7 with plenty of battery power to spare and in all types of weather

So 5W was plenty for you? What part of the US do you live in (state is specific enough). Just looking at your sun exposure amount.