A tip on how/where to report bugs or ask questions

Hi ya’ll,

So as usage of this forum has grown (see attached - woot!) it has become hard for all of our friendly devs, testers and other users to read every thread :wink: And when we do read a thread we sometimes forget to follow up on reported bugs (sorry!).

So, I thought I’d make some tips to make it more likely we don’t miss bugs:

  • If you’ve found a bug, please make a github issue. In your bug please be careful to include ‘steps to reproduce’, software versions involved (and if for a phone, phone model and OS version). We have repos for device code, android app code, web app code, the python code. Just click on a repo, then click issues, then click new issue. If you aren’t sure where the problem lies, just make your best guess and we can move it later if necessary.

  • If you have a question about how to use the device, or you are not sure if it is a bug - happily post here. Please don’t make github issues for “I have a question about X” - because issues are typically read only by many fewer people than the forum (unfortunately). We try hard to keep this forum friendly and helpful so just ask here instead (thanks to everyone who tries to answer questions!)

  • If you guess wrong about “should I create a github issue?” or make a forum thread. No worries - you won’t get yelled at. Also it is totally fine to link to a github bug from the forum (or link to a forum thread from a github issue). But issues are how we will track and fix things.

  • I try to triage github bugs once a week. If you feel a particular bug you filed is still causing you pain and you haven’t seen any action on it please comment on the bug and ping me with an @geeksville so I don’t miss your note. Please understand though that we only have about 5ish regular developers (we are always happy to have more - hint hint) and each of those devs has a limited amount of time they can spend on the project. So some enhancement requests may take a wildly variable amount of time to complete.

And thanks again to everyone here (not just the devs) who help new users.