2.3.11 t echo problem

So a few days ago I loaded 2.3.11 alpha firmware into my two T-Echos. This morning I put them on the charger, a short time later I checked on them and noticed both left leds were rapidly flashing red. When I press the reset button they flash red twice rapidly. Other than that I get no response no matter what I do.
I’m new to this stuff. I’m not sure what to do. What’s going on? How do I solve this?

It sounds like the flash has become corrupted. I’ve heard other people talking about this recently too, hopefully it’s not some new issue starting to emerge!

It’s not a long term solution, but to recover from this state you can head over to https://flasher.meshtastic.org, connect your T-Echo to your computer, and reinstall the firmware.

It might be a good idea to erase the flash too first. There’s a little trash can icon on the web flasher page you can click for that. It’ll walk you through the steps.

Thanks! It worked! I’ll probably only load stable versions for now on…

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