1.3.40: CLI settings inputs break other settings? Just me?

Been away from Meshtastic for around a year after some work-related travel. My Mesh was running 1.2.39 fairly stably when I left and now that I’m back, I’m working with 1.3 and rebuilding my network. I have 10 nodes total with 4 mountain top routers.

I am running into some odd behavior when trying to use the CLI to set various Preferences.

For instance, today, while trying to set up a Heltec v2.0, I keep running into feedback loops with one setting breaking another. When I try to set device.role, Region breaks. When I try to set lora.region, set-owner breaks. When I try to get those basic Preferences fixed and set device.role again, it all starts over. Anyone else having these issues?

Versions info:

Meshtastic CLI: 1.3.29
Meshtastic device: 1.3.40
Windows Python : 3.10.7

That CLI is for 1.3.41, if you upgrade your firmware to 1.3.41 you should be good

AH…I figured it was something stupid on my end! Thanks!

also, latest (alpha) CLI is 1.3.35 - there were a few changes after 1.3.29 was released. update with pio install meshtastic --pre