Visual Studio code No upload button

Anyone know why the Upload icon along the bottom blue bar keeps disappearing every time i load a new Meshtastic version project folder? I have the latest PlatformIO installed and it can see my module is plugged in on com port9 within Visual studio and PC devices. but the upload icon and a few other things have gone missing again. Had this happen before and ended up uninstalling everything including serial driver and reinstalling. There must be a simpler way to get the upload icon back.

Ha, I remember i had the same problem. VScode is handled by tasks and exrensions. Click on the platformIO icon on the left and then you’ll find in general section everything you need.

Another way is to use the task prompt after pressing Ctrl+P or Ctrl+T or try shift, I’m not in my pc right now

Maybe there is a other way, but after a build or upload the bottom toolbar should reappear.