Twin LoRa board?

I spotted this offer of getting a couple of boards made up for free:

I lack the skills or time, but it occurred to be it might be fun to get them to bolt their E5 module to the opensource Esp32:

I know this was something Disaster Radio looked at:

Might be worth starting from their Gerber? disaster-radio/hardware/board_esp32/GERBER at master · sudomesh/disaster-radio · GitHub

But adding the E5 module instead of the second ESP32.

No idea if it would actually work, but if Seed started making them it might make a nice repeater node & really help with scaling large networks.

We can make some of this board and add the support for the E5 in the software.

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Yes, it might be interesting? No idea how much work would be involved though.

Prove the concept with the free boards, then do a crowdsupply?

Maybe even a three radio version? Or am I being greedy?

I have also asked the question about even adding 2.4Ghz LoRa support on another topic.

In certain scenarios it could make sense to have multiple LoRa interfaces

We could have a repeater whit a sub-GHz antenna and a 2.4GHz one to mesh the different bands

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Me too, for the base schematic I think should be easy to draw (for the support component, screen, buttons). Should we think of a battery circuit?

Three radio version for what?

1, Ingress LoRa
2, Egress LoRa
3, Wifi

Probably unnecessary, a 1x ESP32, 1x E5 board would solve most possible use cases.

Should probably take advice from @geeksville or someone else who knows what they’re talking about before doing any work though.

Egress LoRa??? do you mean output?

To add WiFi we can use the esp8266 as a WiFi “card” for the E5. But I imagine a super low power node, without WiFi and bluethoot, the only interface whit the word it’s via the mesh and a UART to program it.