SSH over Meshtastic

I’ve successfully connected 2 PCs via SSH over Meshtastic using the meshtastic --tunnel command that abstracts the LoRa link to a network interface. It’s working nicely with the shortfast connection preset and comparable to a degraded 2G connection in terms of UX.

I strongly recommend using mosh for the SSH link. It’s harder on network resources as it has a UDP keepalive heartbeat but greatly improves the connection stability. Mosh is meant for very spotty, slowish connections that can even degrade to an absent link and resume it later. It also offers IP roaming. It’s like mosh was specifically built for LoRa network links :smile:

Meshtastic FTW!


Thanks that was super interesting!

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Welcome to the project @RcrdBrt

Would you consider writing a step by step guide for new users?


Sure, it’s quite simple actually. Once you have SSH, mosh and meshtastic installed on both PCs you have everything you need.
I’m gonna make a new thread soon for the guide.

Thanks! I’ve pinned your guide to the top of this category.


This is super interesting! Thinking on using this technique as a way to access a mesh in remote paces.

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in combination with mosh this really does sound amazing - once the T-BEAMS arrive I’ll have to try this.
Since I want a “router” unit at home anyways I guess having that one connected to a linux box via USB is the easiest way to achieve that.

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