Same t-beam, different case

I wanted a smaller foot print so I removed the 18650 battery holder and direct connected a 1s lipo. Its only a 600mah but getting about 8 hrs use out of it.


what firmware version? Iā€™m curious to see how 1.1.5 works for that battery.

I just downgraded to 1.0 for the atak plugin to work. But more than happy to test it out newer firmware for the cause.

I will be loading the 1.1.5 this weekend on a couple battery powered devices. Here is the most recent creation, it is just a esp32 variant no gps. Very slimline.


With 1.1.5 on the tbeam, I am getting just under 12 hours. I also misspoke on the size, it is a 520mah. I had this unit setup as a node for atak and was broadcasting its position every 30 seconds.