RAK12013 Radar Sensor

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my question.
Is there a way to get the RAK12013 Radar Sensor to integrate within meshtastic? If so how?
Thank you in advance.

It works with the detection sensor module, GPIO pin 21 for a rak 19007

Thank you very much Garth.

Update in case someone else has this issue:
Thanks to Garth, with his info, I was able to get the radar sensor working but every time the node transmitted ( node info broadcast or telemetry Update,even admin channel activity with other node) it would trigger a detection. I thought maybe it was the cheap ipex pigtail so I replaced the pigtail with a high quality pigtail but it didn’t make any difference. I tried installing the radar sensor on a different base board ( RAK 19007/4631) but the detection triggers on transmit persisted.

I ended up settling on this workaround:
Set node to hidden client
Set node on channel not shared with other nodes except the receiving node( no administrator channel)
Turn off any telemetry or environmental sensors

With the above settings the radar sensor works as expected.

Out of curiosity and trying to expand my horizons on how to use different sensors, what can the radar sensor be used for?
I would assume that it would be something like a driveway motion detection system or similar.

I use the radar sensor as a motion sensor. The advantage of the radar sensor when compared to a Infrared sensor is the radar sensor is not affected by temperature or sunlight.

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Good to know, I appreciate the info, I am slowly learning the IOT/arduino/meshtastic side of stuff after growing up dabbling with PC building.

My pleasure,
O i left out one of the best advantages of a radar sensor is that it can detect movements through a water proof enclosure or door, wall etc

I have the same problem, the sensor node sends a trigger message every 15 minutes. Neither sensor nor client_mute setting helps, I have set nodeinfo broadcast to 86400 (24h). Position and telemetry are switched off.

It is a 5005 with the 12013 radar sensor.

It also took me a lot of effort to get the sensor to work, without garths info via pin 21 I would not have managed it. According to the data sheet it is pin 38 or gpio 22?

Today I had some success mitigating transmiting causing issues. I added a IO cable extension (RAK 19008) between the 19007 and 12013. I also turned down the TX power and now the nodes can run in client mode or sensor mode without issues.

I have not had these problems. I am using a rak 5005-O that came with the alternative kit from rokland (RAKwireless Meshtastic Starter Kit Alternative with RAK5005-O Base – Rokland). the detection sensor module settings are:
GPIO to Monitor:Pin 21 (thanks garth)
Detection Trigger High: True
Use pullup: False
Min time between:10 seconds
State broadcast interval: Never.

I have also have this working on an open primary channel as well as a private. This also works in sensor mode or client mode.

Just adding to the experience.

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