Notification And Beacon mode

Grate Project I have been messing around with it for a few months now. I just have a Request:Is it possible to have a buzzer connected to a GPIO pin like 25 with a buzzer to notify when A new message is received or a option for android to use notifcations?
2nd Request would be to have a Beacon mode that will send GPS location out continuously. This would be Useful if stuck somewhere.

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Welcome on board @Commander-Crash!

There have been some discussions related to your requests. The notification sound for Android is already planned. Unfortunately, a on device buzzer is not planned at this time. The GPS beacon could work similarly to a avalanche beacon (not planned yet), or a emergency alert (planned).

Notification sound on Android notifications for Meshtastic:


Emergency button:

Avalanche beacon mentioned here:


Thanks. I will look into the links.