New Go API (unofficial)

I’m proud to announce the first version of an unofficial Go API is available for anyone interested! It originally only supported the 1.1 firmware but is now up to date with the latest 1.2 stable release. The current features were created to replicate everything that can be done in the Python API.

I’ve also built a CLI tool that uses this package that I’m going to update for 1.2. I’m hoping the CLI will eventually become a useful tool for anyone who wants to use a CLI without having to install Python.

Links below:
API: GitHub - lmatte7/goMesh: A Go package to interact with Meshtastic Radios
CLI: GitHub - lmatte7/meshtastic-go: CLI for Meshtastic Devices


Super cool! And if you wanna make it the “official” go api, I think that’s great also.

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