LoPy4 with Meshtastic

Hi all, new here but interested in Meshtastic. I have 2 LoPy4 boards that I planned on writing my own Lora communication protocol for a project of mine. However, after running across Meshtastic, I think I can leverage this and jump miles ahead in my development.

Has Meshtastic been successfully ported to the LoPy4 board? If so, where might I find information on this?



I also have a couple, and don’t currently intent to use Pycom firmware while they require an NDA to use their mesh firmware. It would be very cool if LoPy(x) worked with Meshtastic. All the sudden I’d have a 5 devices mesh. I’ve mentioned them in a couple threads, but afaik, nobody has it ported over.

No GPS, but they do have the advantage of usually being in-stock at places like Mouser.

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I mated my boards with the pytrack which has GPS. The link seems to be just a search for Heltec in the code. I’ll give installing it a go this week. If anyone can give me some pointers I’d appreciate it.

Hey zwischen01. Any chance that you have attempted meshtastic on lopy/lopy4 ?