Interesting hardware kits: esp32 + asr6501 lora module + nice enclosure


I stumbled accross the following hardware kits from M5 Stack that could be perfect stationary nodes / gateways. They are based on ESP32 modules with ASR6501 Lora modules. They come with a nice enclosure and an external antenna and support for rail mounting.

Maybe someone can take a look what i means to support those. ASR6501 based Lora modules are also available as modules that can be connected to other M5 Stack products:

Maybe someone could take a look into supporting those devices because they would be really easy to use and install.

The ASR6501 is used as a sub-processor in these and is accessed over UART. They will NOT work with meshtastic, as we need SPI radios supported by RadioLib.

Meshtastic on ASR6501 itself (as a main processor) will also never run due to size contraints, but we consider it as a repeater hardware