How to set up the radio options?

Is there any guide to how to set the following LoRa config options?: Modem Preset, Max Hops, Transmit Power, Bandwidth, Spread Factor, Coding Rate, Frequency Offset, and Ignore Incoming Array.
I got 2 radios set up and running but am stuck at this step because I dont know how to choose what values to enter.

You can set the option in either the android or iOS app

We have entire sections dedicated to this in the docs. Configuration | Meshtastic

Thanks but I am stuck not knowing what values are appropriate for various applications. For example, The docs say Spread Factor is a number between 7 and 12, but how do I choose which number to enter?

You’d have to calculate that. You can review here for more information. Radio Settings | Meshtastic

Additionally, kongduino on discord, has created an application that can be used to assist with calculations. You can get that here. GitHub - Kongduino/Lora-Calculations: A Xojo app converted from an Excel file I have been using as a placeholder for useful formulas

Generally it’s recommended to leave most settings at their default value.

Super helpful. Thanks!