How to force GPS when unit powers on?

I have several tbeam units all with GPS capability. When the devices are turned on, GPS says no module. With CLI, I can turn it on and I’m good…till the unit dies or is rebooted, then it acts like there’s no module again. How do I make the unit have GPS as default on not default off?

What firmware are you running? meshtastic --info

I’m not near my computer right now but I flashed all of them with the latest version

Are your devices T-beams? If so try the firmware linked here: No Gps - flashing red - #9 by caveman99

I should have asked what device as well, this is where I was headed! Sorry for the run around.

2 are lilygo and 2 are ttgo, all the same boards

Those are tbeams, try the firmware from the discussion about the gps fix that @apt105 linked to.

Just saw this, totally forgot to check back :sweat_smile: Gonna give it a shot

There’s 1.2.65 now including those fixes… Release Mestastic Device alpha · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device · GitHub

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Will it be availble in the flasher app? I went through the CLI method and it was telling me the file for the above mentioned FW was invalid so I couldn’t try it out. Ended up going down to the 63 version to make GPS work

yes, i just checked, it is on the 1.2 flasher when you click ‘get versions’

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