GPS Issues on ttgo t beam m8n

Howdy! So I made a recent purchase of two Lilygo tbeam m8n boards. One was DOA, the second board is having GPS issues.

The GPS was working on the board a couple days ago with the stock antenna, the signal got progressively worse. Yesterday it stopped working completely. Today I received a beefy good quality 25mm GPS antenna. The board is still unable to get a lock on an sats even when left outside for a couple hours. Any ideas on what the issue might be?

Things I’ve tried already:
Re-flashing firmware to lower versions.

Update. After a full day of being operational by installing the 1.2.59 firmware, it now has a Critical fault #5… Board was powered down for about an hour or two.


Chip seems to be no good. That’s 2 boards from the factory that have issues. Customer support seems to be good though (Lilygo).

Let me know if they replace your devices or not.

Hi there
I do have the very same issue on three TTGO T-Beam V1.1 / SX1262 / NEO-M8N modules. Worked for a couple of hours on v1.2.57.f7c6955, GPS reception started to be flaky. Upgraded to v1.2.59.d81c1c0, one was ok, two never got any GPS signal. Had them off for the weekend, today all three get no GPS signal even after several hours outside with a clear an open sky view.

@notivan How did you do that debugging?

You might want to try 1.2.52 and report if it still does not work. Then we can rule out software problems.

Otherwise, your smartphone can supply position to the nodes too, as a workaround.

Can you post the links to the Arduino sketches LilyGo asked you to run here?

Hey not OP but I have a t-beam with neo-m8n GPS exhibiting similar symptoms. This seems to be isolated to Meshtastic.

I’ve reset mine using the lilygo sketch and eriktheV-king GPS reset sketch> A few minutes later, full GPS fix. Flash meshtastic, “NO GPS MODULE”

I flash a helium miner sketch to the t-beam, few minutes later, full GPS fix.

Is there a known-good or stable version out there that users of t-beams with neo-8n GPS modules should be using??


Try 1.2.65 it has quite a few GPS specific fixes.