Disable Bluetooth?

Wondering is there a set parameter command that I could disable bluetooth altogether? or if not is there a way to set it so it comes on for the least amount of time and not often?

Such as meshtastic --setpref wait_bluetooth_secs 28800

There isn’t anything to force off bluetooth completely (though that could be added if there is a need). If the device is connected to another computer via USB bluetooth is disabled.

If you would like bluetooth to stay on only while the screen is on (i.e. one of the things that automatically happens for is_router nodes) you can “meshtastic -set wait_bluetooth_secs 1” (alas, zero is reserved for ‘use the default value’). This would turn the bluetooth off once second after the screen goes off.

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How would the code react to a -1 second?

Asking for a friend :thinking:

I think the python tool won’t let you set that as a negative number. But if it did (it might?) The device would treat it as “leave Bluetooth on forever”

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I am using the radio connected to phone via usb, so no need for bluetooth to be on, when connected like this, the screen stays on indefinitely. So I would need a setting to disable bluetooth altogether?

Nope. I think you are fine: while connected an app via USB we disable BLE.

I thought as much, however when I have the usb connected, bluetooth is not disabled. I’m using the firmware-1.1.48 on a t-beam v1.1

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Hmm. Do you have an app talking over usb, or just powering via usb?

Its talking and charging over usb

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Ooh: then I goofed! Can you file a bug on meshtastic-device and link to this thread so I don’t forget to fix. Alas I’m away camping tonight.

And by talking: you mean using the api? (Not just a serial terminal listening? (Because we can’t detect that)

Connected to the phone, I type a message, and it’s sent out via the t-beam and vice a versa when i receive one. I clicked on report bug and opened a new issue on Meshtastic-Device, and linked this thread. Thanks Kevin

Good news, it turns out that when a personal radio is powered by a battery and connected by usb cable the bluetooth de-activates, so this is perfect. It was my misunderstanding, as I was testing devices without a battery and powered solely by usb and therefore bluetooth was activate. I will close the issue.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I would really appreciate the “turn off bluetooth completely” function.
I might sound a little paranoid but having a static MAC that shouts out loud every time I turn on the screen feels a little bad.
I really like Meshtastic and dont expect anything to change just from one request like this but I might as well ask :slight_smile: