Communication from external

I’m just getting familiar with the meshtastic communication possibilities.

As far as I understand it by now, if you want to communicate through the internet you need to connect the lora device via wifi to a (mobile) router and set up a MQTT server/broker. Then you connect your smartphone to the lora device via bluetooth and send your message. But on the other side you also need a lora device connected to a smartphone. There is no way to send a message directly from the meshtastic app on a phone to a MQTT broker without going through a lora device. Or do I miss something here?

What I would like to do is to use a lora mesh in the field and have someone provide everyone in the mesh with external messages like status reports or weather updates. But this external someone would not have a lora device. At best he would have a smartphone with the meshtastic app and be told to use it like any messenger. He can see messages and answer to requests for external information from the mesh. But he would not have (or be able to deal with) a lora device on his side.

As I currently see it, that scenario is not possible. Or am I wrong?

There is a new community project that does this: GitHub - pdxlocations/Meshtastic-MQTT-Connect