Android Screen Too Small Type

The app suffers from not being able to adjust the size of the text. You can’t pinch larger or smaller like most phone apps. It’s nearly impossible to read the incoming messages, or see what nodes are on the list of available nodes.

Besides being able to pinch larger/smaller on the text … I’d like to suggest that the default screens show too much information. If I see a node, I want to see the node name and perhaps GPS. That’s it. If I need to see the temperature, humidity, battery condition that should be on a pop up screen that I can select.

It’s too hard to see anything and the app needs a visual redesign to make it easier to use.


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eh. I’m not sure i agree with anything you are saying. The app shows a lot of very useful information at a glance and hiding it behind a second screen that needs to be clicked for each node would become tedious. This is a more technically focused app/project that still does a good job of being easy for noobies to learn with a little practice. I believe it would be detrimental to the project to dumb down the interface and only show the most basic data. One of the largest use cases is for remote monitoring weather stations and hiking/skiing/SAR. Information such as temperature and battery life (along with position that you mentioned) are key aspects of this.

This seems like more of an accessibility issue for you personally (which is unfortunate). I just tested on my android phone and changed the system display font to much larger and this did scale in the app.

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I can see the use of text zoom within the app.

Google Messenger does this and it can be useful. It also has what seems like maybe a slightly larger default font size in comparison. The contrast is also greater, at least in light theme.

This is a beneficial additional accessibility option vs a global option on device.

It would be nice to have imo.

Those quotes pretty much sum up the problem. I have no issue having the data available. However, I’m contemplating rolling this out citywide for emergency use both with agencies and volunteers. It has to be clearly focused on what matters which is THE TEXT MESSAGE and not the rest.

I want an app that is easy to use so I can get adoption by folks who frankly don’t give a damn what the temperature at some unknown node somewhere is.

Also … perhaps some ageism at work? I’m in my 60s, but still quite active (running around with all my radio projects). I can’t see what matters when I’m driving and the phone is on a mount in the car. I can barely see the icons … so in order to read what’s going on I have to stop, turn on light, and pick up the phone. I don’t have to do this to read a text message that arrives while I’m driving. It’s called hands free … and works … except for this app.

The Apple app is MUCH better interface, but I don’t want to go there.


These are valid suggestions, and the best way to be heard is to submit a feature request/bug report on Github under the Android repository so the developer may consider it.

This Discourse forum is for community discussion about Meshtastic and isn’t scrubbed by developers, so while we can discuss our experiences and ideas here they won’t go anywhere unless submitted via the method I described.

I hope that helps,