Access to the Internet with Meshtastic possible?

Before i get deep into the Meshtastic topic, i would like to know if its possible to access the internet when having only a client device.
Use case is simple: My Internet access break and i would like to for example ping a server in the internet to check if its running.

Other usecase would be opening a text-only website with a tiny size like for example:
https ://
https ://
https ://

Or just checking a RSS feed in a emergency situation.

I know the LoRa speed is low. In reality the speed would be lower then 50kbits. Probably like 10 or 20 kbits. But having 10kbits or having 0kbits make a huge difference.

If i would need such 10kbits internet access, i would know that i would have to drive to a place listed here:

If you only have a client device… what is the client connecting to? I’m trying to understand the situation you’re running into. You have a local client device (potentially internet connected) and somewhere else where internet outages don’t align with your own outages is another internet connected meshtastic device?

So when you lose access locally, you’re asking the mesh what else has an active internet connection? Or you literally want to browse the web over Meshtastic?

Depending on your set up, 10 - 20 kbps would be extremely optimistic. With some distance between nodes I think it could easily be 1% of that (e.g. 0.1kbps).

The client i own is connecting to a different device that is not owned by myself. Like connectig to a open public wifi where you in general dont own the public Wifi Access Point. But really slow and a different frequency i case of Lora. Is this possible with the current meshtastic network setup?
Can i get a single lora device, drive around and when i find an other meshtastic device use it to for example ping the IP address when it is setup as a stationary device with Internet connection?

But really slow and a different frequency i case of Lora.

It’s more different than just the frequency. Might be worth checking out blog posts like Getting started with Meshtastic |, mentioned over here. Or this SSH over meshtastic post.

Speculation, but I doubt you’d be able to do what you’re hoping without control of the Internet connected node as well

Thanks for the links. Those answer my questions. Because of completely different usecases i have not found them when i searched by myself.

I would check other projects if those could work for my usecase and now know a bit more about the meshtastic project. Maybe i would join in to meshtastic LoRa for local nerdy tech-talks but this is a complete other usecase then what i was searching for.