Would anyone like to test device to satellite connectivity at 868 MHz?

Hello friends,

I have started talking with the amazing folks at Lacuna Space and I have developed a good understanding of how their system works. I will soon begin testing a T-Echo at 868 MHz by sending a message to the satellite and seeing if it’s received.

One hard condition of the Lacuna network is that it needs LR FHSS. Only the SX126x series supports it. The T-Beam with SX1262 and T-Echo support this as far as I know.

Another condition is that an RHCP antenna needs to be used. I am not so sure about this condition because, in theory, it is possible to use a standard rubber ducky antenna to achieve this link. We will be able to transmit at 0.5W on 868 MHz on the final product, my intuition says it should work.

For now, I would like to start testing with a standard rubber ducky on the G3 band in Europe at 22 dBm. This is legal and license-free to the best of my knowledge. It is the same band that GoTenna Mesh uses in Europe.

Would anyone else like to test this out with me at 868 in the EU, or at 915 in the USA? You will need an SX1262-based board and any good Omni antenna.


Interested here in Scotland on 868MHz … let me know what’s required.


I’d be very interested to test this on EU 868 MHz from the South Coast of the UK.

If we can test at 915 in the USA count me in. Now to start looking for a good antenna for this use case.

Will we need one of these relays, which takes the packets and holds them until a satellite is in view, then sends them?

As per this video: LoRaWAN connectivity everywhere, from space - Thomas Telkamp (Lacuna Space) - YouTube

Or is it just a case of using a suitable RHCP antenna and pointing it at the sky?

@MtnGeek @loodydo @MeshMonkey Thanks for the interest, I think all of us should be enough for now for testing.

In theory, an RHCP antenna is recommended but here’s the thing, its shape is not pocket friendly. So to test out my theory of being able to connect to the satellite with a standard SX126x module, I needed more people to rule out hardware failure, satellite failure, and other factors.

We won’t need their relay. Just need to whip out our SX126x modules and a good Omni antenna.

I will keep you posted on when and how we will do this.

I would be interested in joining here from Switzerland on 868MHz.
Direct view to the sky is possible from my location.

Something like this has been done by an Austrian radio amateur on 2,4 GHz. See http://aprs.org/LoRa_Documentation.pdf

I’m try, Italy 868MHz, I well made a good antenna to try

@kokroo - have you any idea what the constellation for Lacuna Space will be like?

Are they planning a meshed constellation, or are they using ground stations and relying on the satellites to hold messages till in range?

Just wondering how it will work , i.e. will there be windows of connectivity in specific geographies or will the constellation be available 24/7.

@kokroo my 868 MHZ T-Echos here in Germany are bored. Different antennas I have here, but these are not yet tested if they have a dBi-profit. Please also send me the Link to the modified software for the interesting experiment, too.
At all: Have you see this?. Fossasat wrote: However, due to the antennas not having deployed, the signal is very weak and can only be picked up with large antennas

Fossasat has alot more sats up now I think fossasat 1 is no longer is service

I would like to give this a shot in the US. I already have some 915MHz RHCP helical antennas that have some gain. I think they are 12db. Also have the t-beams.

Yep, here in Germany, i’m ham operator, and have also interess to this project … let me know what i’need …

An update for everyone in the thread:

The Lacuna company stopped responding to us months ago, for unknown reasons. They do read our e-mails but they do not respond. I have no idea what’s going on, but perhaps if members of this forum also reach out to them to express interest, maybe it will get their attention.

In in London,urban environment and am really interested to test this in city environment and see if it works there.Keeo me posted,l got a few SX1262 for experimentation

Interested here in Denmark.
I have a couple of T-Beam’s 868 MHz with several antennas. I have a perfect unobstructed view of the sky.
Let me know how you’d like to test!