WIP: New nRF82540 Device - MakerPython nRF82540

New WIP support started for MakerPython nRF82540


Just started (1.3 Inch OLED)

And added 2.9 inch E-Paper

Must still add LoRa radio Module

Just waiting for some parts


I have received some female headers, but still waiting for Adafruit RMFM95 modules from Amazon

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Does this require a usb to serial driver?

No, it includes 2 micro-USB ports

The top side port is used for nrfutil dfu serial flashing and/or Adafruit UF2 volume (when double clicked reset button)

I have received some more parts that I want to use with this MakerPython nRF82540

800mAh Battery Power with build-in i2c monitoring (INA219)


3.7 inch E-Paper that supports fast partial update (480×280)

Offers SPI interface port and Raspberry Pi Pico

I got a bit side-tracked with things, but hope todo some more work on this MakerPython nRF82540 soon


One of the issues found with this product is that the 1306 OLED I2C pins are not broken out anywhere else on the board.

But today I tested this board with SX1280 2.4 Ghz EBYTE-E28 LoRa Module

Added CardKB and 2.9 inch e-Ink

Added the same SX1280 2.4 Ghz LoRa module to the RAK6431 board

Just before adding CardKB Keyboard


Did you have to do anything special in the settings or firmware to add the keyboard? Or was it as simple as connecting it to the RAK 13002, and if so what pins?
I am trying to connect the lilygo T-keyboard to a RAK device.

The M5 CardKB is I2C and supported by Meshtastic, so it just needs to connected to I2C port.

But you need to turn on canned message input to _any in the Android app or via python cli

Im not sure about LilyGo T-Keyboard support specifically. Only know of the T-Deck that has similar blackberry style keyboard.

You could join the Meshtastic duscird maybe and ask if the still cant get it working ?

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