WIP: New nRF82540 Device - MakerPython nRF82540

New WIP support started for MakerPython nRF82540


Just started (1.3 Inch OLED)

And added 2.9 inch E-Paper

Must still add LoRa radio Module

Just waiting for some parts

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I have received some female headers, but still waiting for Adafruit RMFM95 modules from Amazon

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Does this require a usb to serial driver?

No, it includes 2 micro-USB ports

The top side port is used for nrfutil dfu serial flashing and/or Adafruit UF2 volume (when double clicked reset button)

I have received some more parts that I want to use with this MakerPython nRF82540

800mAh Battery Power with build-in i2c monitoring (INA219)


3.7 inch E-Paper that supports fast partial update (480×280)

Offers SPI interface port and Raspberry Pi Pico