Why recent builds have been dropping some packets!

Hi ya’ll,

I (finally - based on your good reports) reproduced the problem of “recent builds drop some packets / sometimes”.

20:24:06 1619833976 [Router] Received routing from=0x4, id=0x6b8b4570, portnum=5, payloadlen=2
20:24:06 1619833976 [Router] Routing sniffing (id=0x6b8b4570 Fr0x04 To0x04, WantAck0, HopLim0 Ch0x0 Portnum=5 requestId=f742b0dc rxtime=3239036646 priority=120)
20:24:06 1619833976 [Router] Received a ack for 0xf742b0dc, stopping retransmissions *** THIS IS BAD, SHOULD NOT HAPPEN

Alas - I need to do some “life stuff” today. But I should have time tomorrow to use this new logging and find/fix the root bug. Sorry this is taking a while but wanted to give an update…


(and alas family help life stuff is still going today (Sunday taiwan). But soon I promise!)