Which sensor devices works on the meshtastic firmware?

I have these devices:
2 tbeams
1 heltec wifi v2
and i want to know which sensor can i install on these devices that can work properly on the meshtastic firmware,
thanks :slight_smile:

What kind of sensor you need, MEMS motion sensor i presume. According to my current understanding the official firmware has no motion related sensor driver or application/data acquisition code.

Meshtastic firmware is built based on Arduino, you can port new device drivers from existing Arduino drivers, and write new application code based on your need.

What do you want the sensor to do … Audio? Video? Temperature? Humidity? Motion? Location?

temperature and humidy

I have not tried it myself, but there is support in the code for bme380, ds18b20 and dht11.

@hcorrea4 A good starting point for the T-Beams and lets say ds18b20:

thanks for the responses guys, i purchased the dht11 sensor, but i dont know well how to make it work with the tbeam, heltec devices? pls help

I have not tried this myself…
There is some documentation for the environmental plugin at

You should be able to use the meshtastic python cli to configure the plugin.

meshtastic --set environmental_measurement_plugin_enabled 1
meshtastic --set environmental_measurement_plugin_screen_enabled 1

The default sensor is DHT11 and the default port for your sensor is 0. This is where you want to connect the data pin. You also need +5 and gnd for the other 2 pins on DHT11.

Here is how to install the python package

(According to the known problems for this plugin there are no preset values. You need to set all of them yourself)


It works as @claesg describes. Minor changes needed to the code to make DHT22 sensor work as well.

Follow the documentation and set everthing as described and you should be good to go.

I already tried everything you told me, but it appears to me “no measurement” message