Version Messaging Problem

Hi, i installed latest on several t-beams.
when testing messaging and routing by some nodes, i get Acks (checkmarks) for direct messages.
But also i get Acks (checkmarks) when sending direct messages to Nodes that are switched off. (to simulate they are out of range)
when some node in the mesh has the recipient in its node-list, i will get a checmark, even if that node does not exist any more.
this is easy to reproduce with different nodes.
i think this is not the way messaging is meant to be. /most important function of meshtastic?

several t-beams 1.6-2.0 with freshly installed all settings on default after installation except private channel long-fast, set by adroid bluetooth.
connected to newest android app , android app used for sending messages.

Same happens on private channel Long/slow.

This is how flood routing works, the ack is not necessarily for the node you are targeting.

thanx for tthe fast answer.
Ok then i did misunderstand how messaging in meshtastic works.

in 2.0 i get acks for dm that have not been delivered to target
before that, in 1.2x i did not get acks for messages that have been delivered.

for someone who is actually using meshtastic for messaging, it is important to know that a checkmark does not necessarily say, that the message has been delivered to target.

I think in 1.2 you could not send DMs?
The ACKs mean the same in 1.2 and 2.0, namely that at least one node in your mesh received the message. I understand that that’s not so intuitive in case of a DM, but it’s a limitation of the flooding design.

yes, thanx, this limitation is important to know, when using messaging …

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