Various function suggestions

Regarding equipment hardware related upgrade suggestions:
① Add a buzzer (Multisim) for:
a. The battery power is too low
b. Information notification (you can not have to stare at the Oled screen for a long time, which affects your mood or attention during use)
c. Tips for disconnecting from members
d. Tips for disconnecting from mobile phone

②A physical button is added to the circuit (when there is no mobile phone, the clip feeds back the read information, that is, it is regarded as reading to prompt other members)

③ Support sx1786 and various esp32 boards as soon as possible
(Realize the mutual use of different loRa boards and different esp32 boards)

④ Increase OLED battery power display

⑤ Unify the port connection of each board (reduce connection trouble)

About the addition of functions in the application:
①Radio transceiver power adjustment (if the board finds that the signal strength is weak, it will prompt the mobile phone)

②The size of the lora signal of the member and the battery power are displayed

③Bluetooth broadcast name can be modified in the application (personalized)

④ Display mash hardware information statistics in the application:
a. Firmware information
b. LoRa type (frequency), esp32 board information
c. Upload firmware time (mobile phone current time to support)

⑤ The mobile phone restarts the mash device through the Bluetooth APP

⑥Can provide a private chat room between only two people or customizable

⑦ Can share the power information of members (if the module detects non-battery power supply, it will prompt wired power supply)

⑧Display the direction between members on the map, and increase the function of distance measurement (the dotted line connects each member, at the same time can add a layer of members’ trajectory)

⑨In “Members”:
aMember’s information exists in the form of homepage, and displays avatar and user name. Add member’s remarks.
b. On the member’s homepage, the information of each member received by the board can be transformed into (in order to reduce battery consumption, each member can customize the data upload interval or not upload):

  1. Altitude change chart 2. Total travel distance and displacement (take the starting recording point as the starting point) 3. Route map
    c. LoRa signal size of each member
    d. Member recording is achieved by recording the member ’s Bluetooth MAC address

⑩ Self-check the hardware function when the software is started, and prompt the user!
Application UI recommendations:
①Add personalized themes (different solid color themes)

②The shape of the chat message can be more fruitful (more beautiful) like a mobile phone message

③ I hope there can be a color gradient

④Most non-essential information can be concentrated in “About”

⑤ After installing the software for the first time, display the software feature page
Development process recommendations: regularly announce the goals of the development function, and the approximate time for function realization

The important thing is: I hope to support the use of different loRa boards and different esp32 boards! Hope to work hard with everyone to realize these functions!

Your loyal fans from radio enthusiasts 😃**
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Map change

SMS page

The above are two pictures about UI

And it can Custom OR code

anyone there?anyone there? Can you adopt some opinions?

Hi @Mango-sauce - sorry for the late reply. I think those are all great ideas.

Item 3 should be pretty easy now with the new RadioLib adapters. Definitely less than one day for someone to code up (I’m happy to give pointers)
Item 4 I can do soon(ish). That information is already sent to the app, just not shown in the UI.
Item 5 would be fairly easy for someone else to add (or I can add it eventually).

Sorry though, some of the bigger items like #9 though great I think will have to wait. I’m trying to stay focused on the original feature list of “cheap mesh GPS communicator”. There are still a few missing features from the FAQ and now that there are more users I need to spend more time fixing “edge case” bugs in the app. So I’ll make a bug in github and revisit the rest of these items in a few weeks (after the initial release is finished).

If anyone else wants to help out with developing, I’m super happy to have the help ;-). You can work on as much or as little as you want. It is a fun project.

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also, since you contributed Chinese support to the app that reminds me of an easy thing that should be added to the device code: when utf8 characters arrive for text messages, at least show ? on the oled screen rather than the garbage I assume it prints now :wink: (or just include a full UTF font table - we have lots of free flash)

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hi, just noticed only ascii chars are being shown on the ttgo t-beam. chars likе ‘ш’ or ‘š’ are left out on the small screen but are transmitted to the phone.


Yes. Only an ascii font is included in the build. Someday I or someone else will include a bigger font.

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This project is perfect for use as a gps tracker. You can track the whereabouts of relatives (children and the elderly) or pets.

In particular, I plan to use Meshtastic to control the flock of sheep. In this regard, I had a suggestion for improving the Android application:

The ability to configure geofences in the application. For example, we indicate a network node and assign it a geofence. When a node leaves the geofence, the application gives us an alarm.

At the expense of hardware. It would be nice to have the option of a compact board with a small battery (500-800 mAh), powerful GPS, lora SX1268 with 30dbm, solar charger, without display. Such a board would make an ideal GPS tracker


Welcome Xanuman !

I could add a suggestion that the receiving phone optionally retransmits received messages + last seen cordinates from user X via sms to a certain mobile phone nr Y you can add in Meshtatic settings. So one can go and look for your kids when they’re lost.

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really good points. And it would be pretty easy to add a simple geofence at the device level. So that it only very rarely very occasionally powers up the lora radio as long as the device inside the geofence, but if if moves outside it then broadcasts a paniced position update fairly often. I bet the battery life of some of these boards (both the current ones and the ones in development) would be weeks (3?) long in that configuration. A small solar cell would also work fine.


Discussion on support for custom build targets (i.e. different radio chips, cpus, one off boards)

In many test cases, different mobile phones are needed, and the password is required for each pairing. Adding this switch can reduce some unnecessary troubles.


At the same time, one color LED light can be added to express the operating status of the equipment