Using a vibration motor with the notification plug-in

Basically the title. I was hoping to use the ones I’ve linked instead of some kind of noise maker. The thing is, I have 3 of the TTGO T-Beams and am not sure if they put out enough current/power. Sorry if this has been asked before. I’ve done my best to use the search function but can’t find anything related.

DC Coreless Motor Built-in Vibration Waterproof 1.5-3v

Max current is 40ma, but to to be safe stay around 10-20ma (I’m paranoid). Use a n-channel transistor or mosfet to give you more current.

Mosfet also gives you a level of inductive isolation as they are tougher than the GPIO.
2N7000 is real easy to use.

Could you point me towards some info on how to use something like that?

Sure thing.

Search Google : arduino mosfet

Lots of examples.

It can become a bit of a lot of information, don’t let that deter you. Start somewhere and I’d be it’ll work.

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Thank you. I appreciate your help.

For a start. Can simply be a resistor from GPIO output to the transistors gate( around 5k to10k). The transistor source connects to ground. Your device connects between + power and the drain. I have done this with an LED + resistor for PWM control. Your motor should only require a ceramic capacitor between the motor leads. About .001uf at 25 or greater volts. Larger inductive loads require diodes and other suppressors.

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Thank you for the reply