Use of GPIO pins

I find this concept very usable!

I think GPIOs could be used for interaction with “real world”. It can turn some device on/off, or get status of the devices, maybe get some sensor readings, etc…
It would be nice, if SW can be upgraded with basic settings for reading / writing into these GPIOs, and maybe later with some basic logic (IFTTT).

Imagine use case:
skier is wearing this device when skiing outside ski area and fells. A simple to use switch, easily accessible (or even embedded in a glove) can be triggered to send an alarm message to rescuers or partners with location etc…

Or a buzzer is mounted onto the device, for audio alarm purposes… based on a messge it receives.

Messages could be pre defined, or somehow logically defined, like ALL PIN 5 ON to turn on GPIO pin number 5 on ALL devices in mesh network …

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