Trying to update firmware on Tlora2-1.1.6 with broken micro usb socket

The micro usb socket is broken but the device can still work just powering it via a small usb-uart converted usually used to connect ESP8266 to Arduino IDE for programming. I connected Vcc Gnd Tx Rx from usb-uart converter to Tlora2 Vcc / Gnd - Rx - Tx pins and the device works nicely as well as meshtastic CLI commands sent from PC. The Windows driver that manages the usb-uart converter is CH340. All is fine but unfortunately I could not succeede in updating the Tlora2 firmware as the message “Connecting… COM6 failed to connect: Failed to connect to Espressif device: No serial data received” comes up while v4.2.1 tries to load the firmware. Is there any way or suggestion to overcome my issue?

Issue solved. CH340 works well as CP2102 does. It was my fault in groundig GPIO0 AFTER powering the device whilst I should have grounded it BEFORE powering the device inserting the USB plug into the PC socket. Following this right procedure (shown also in the meshtasytic docs) the device started in boot mode and I could flash a new firmware release.