Time not advancing?

Hi ya’ll,

okay - I seem to be a all fixed again so I’m futzing away and will put out a device release tomorrow. Alas, usage is way up which translates into more new members in this forum. So I don’t think I’ll be able to carefully read all the threads from my two week absence. As always thank all of you for helping new users when they have questions.

If there are any threads that I’ve missed that you think I should comment on, please add an “@ geeksville” comment and discourse will ping me.

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  1. there is no connection with this point. but it is displayed (0 seconds ago).
    report recently sent
  2. direction to the opponent does not show correctly (as it was before)

@luxonn I moved your bug report here to keep threads organized.

So re 1: Is the seconds count not going up?