T-Beam, V2.0.10 or V2.0.13 and Timeout of BT

So is this normal or what is going on? When I boot up any of my T-Beam units, unless I tie in using BT within about the first 60 secs it appears that the T-Beam is shutting the BT down and the only way to log into the unit is to reboot and log in (again within 60 secs). My yaml file is set up as this:
bluetooth.enabled true
power.wait_bluetooth_secs 4294967295

(this large number (4294967295 ) defaults it to disable, so it will disable waiting X secs to turn off, which in my mind means never turns off)

I have both client nodes and repeater nodes set up - they all do it.

Do you have wifi configured?

Enabling WiFi will disable Bluetooth. Only one connection method will work at a time.

Read more at:

WiFi is not enabled.

From my yaml
ntpServer: 0.pool.ntp.org
wifi_enabled: false