Switch relay function

How can i Switch an Relay?

I Want a “chat” when someone write ‘Relay1=ON’
All Relay’s connectet to the chat turns ON
And when someone Whrite ‘Relay1=OFF’ they all Switch OFF (NO)

And whth this i want to inputs one to send ‘Relay1=ON’ command and another to send ‘Relay1=OFF’ command.

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You can toggle IO using the GPIO function in the python CLI

meshtastic --dest !12345678 --gpio-wrb 0 0

There is a document how to set this up but docs are in limbo right now.

I do not Speak Python
English and Danish is fine :slight_smile:

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With other words, i want it within the Lora32 it self.
I dont want extra modules and Servers and so on.

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Then your going to have to wait for someone to add the functionality to the app. :slight_smile:

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