Some Questions what come up

the first time playing now little bit with this device

My Software: Current Build firmware-tbeam-EU865-1.1.30.bin
Bluetooth connect to my Android Tablet = yes
Andriod App looks like Out of Date. Info Messages the Software is too old
PC OS current Linux Mint Version

  1. Where i’can get the current Android install file?
  2. What is the global default channel?
  3. where i’can get maybe a firmeware *.bin to get my SH1106 Display working correct
  4. what is the better frequenz in germany, 433 or 865?

Maybe someone can give Answer to my question …
thx 73 dl8mmr


New Android app i’was found! Work’s great!


here again a question, is there a option to connect the local personal wifi network, and second, is there a benefit? i‘dont found relay a documentation.