Shared Waypoints

A little documented feature of Meshtastic is sharing waypoints through the mesh via the map view in the apps.
I find no reference to this feature anywhere and im struggeling to make it work properly and consistently send WPs. I will get a notification saying a WP have been recieved, but it will not show up in Map view. This is for both Ios and Android. For testing Im running two nodes, one on each OS side by side.
In Android sendt WPts will mostly show up, but not recieved WPs. In the Ios app, not even the one you send will show in the map. Both versions will give notifications that WP have been recieved.
Anyone have any experience with this? Its a pretty cool feature and would love for it to work properly.

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On iOS they need to be enabled in the map filter to show up.

Found that out after posting this. Not an iOS user so took a bit of time to figure out the layout of the ios meshtastic app.
Still struggeling to get the iOS app to send positions to Android. Have changed nodes between them and sending from the Android app with both nodes work, and it shows up in the iOS map, but when sending WP from the iOS app they will not appear in the Android App. Made WP in iOS show up in the ios App, but not anywhere else.
Wish there was more documentation for this feature.