Serial Lora module 1W

In meat space people generally know not to enter a room where other people are politely talking and then start shouting to a buddy in such a way that disturbs the other people or makes it impossible for others to talk in the same room.

Lic HAM radio operators are allowed to talk louder, in more rooms, based on the idea that they have the knowledge to do so only when it is appropriate, and most importantly without interfering with others attempts to use the same resources. HAMs have to identify themselves because if they do cause interface there needs to be way to contact them so the situation can be corrected.

The reality is if someone decides to go rogue and transmit in such a way that interferes with other users of the frequencies people will notice, care, and be motivated to stop the interference. Several people will even be excited and have a ton of fun doing a ‘fox hunt


It would be too much fun if the FCC would do fox hunting :sweat_smile:
However I wouldn’t worry so much about the people and the punitive fine they can get from the FCC, but I would worry about the project itself.
I think people need to be educated from this point of view.

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Just about all utilities are switching to ‘smart meters’ for electric, gas, and water. Then there are systems for load shedding (shut off AC if power grid is struggling) that use smart thermostats. A lot of this stuff is using the same frequencies as LORA. Do you think the utility companies will just shrug off the failure of these systems? Do you think it will be hard to locate the source if the electric meters in an area stop reporting?

Before anyone else brings this up, I know this don’t really directly apply to some remote areas, and it that is your area of operations good luck. But for many people they will take devices from urban areas in to remote areas and back.

Yeah, I was thinking that was the whole point of having very low power and it being spread spectrum in nature was so that there could be many services sharing the same bandwidth. This is where those non-Part 15 compliant cordless phones become frustrating, but I’m guessing with the ubiquitous mobile phone that no one needs an all-the-way-down-the-block cordless house phone these days.

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I am HAM radio licenced and if it is plain text then it is ok. You can handle a LoRa Transmission as digital communication like FSK32, RTTY, Packet, WSPR etc. Here in Holland the rule of sending a CW-ID is taken away. But according the old rules a CW-ID and the mode of operation must be send. Only problem can be the bandwidth but 434Mhz has an allocation for expermenting with those bandwidhts. 73 de3 pa0ag