Serial connection issue no reply from device

I successfully flashed the firmware and can connect via bluetooth.
Using meshtastic --noproto shows logs.
But I can’t run meshtastic in bidirectional mode. I get:

  File "site-packages/meshtastic/", line 402, in _waitConnected
    raise Exception("Timed out waiting for connection completion")
Exception: Timed out waiting for connection completion

Hardware is TTGO Lora V2.1-1.6
Firmware is Meshcom 1.2.65.
meshtastic is version 1.3.42 on python 3.9.2 on debian 11.5.
Thank you very much

I think that for 1.2.65 you need to downgrade the python app (CLI).
pip install --upgrade meshtastic==1.2.95
That works for Meshcom. I’m playing also with Meshcom firmware, managed to get into the network and learning about its particularities…