Security in the wifi network

Hi. I wanted to install a node on the roof of the building. I have access there, but it is very difficult. I decided with my friend that we would use a wifi connection, because there is a router there. Now there is an option to change the configuration without going to the roof.
The question is whether the wifi interface can somehow be blocked with a password? (latest firmware - t-tgoo).

I only used the web interface once, but I still remember that I did access it through a local network address 192.168.etc.
This means that you should only be concerned about people, who have the wifi password to access your network… Or people, who can plug a cable to a Lan port on your router (generally speaking).
Anyways. If your concern are the other users on your network, putting the device outside, does not compromise the setup you currently have.

Hi, I don’t think we’ve grown apart. The network itself is secured. The idea is to make www meschtasic available to the outside world, for the administrators, so they can respond quickly instead of going to the point. Now the question arises whether such access can be password protected. Of course, if this is not possible, how to secure?

I suggest using a VPN, such as Wireguard, to provide remote access to the node via internet.- ted

I understand, but I don’t know how old the infrastructure is there. The easiest way would be to protect yourself with a symlink or a password.