Router on solar power, what settings

Hello everyone, I installed my first solar powered router today. What device settings make sense? GPS is fixed, that’s clear and with the wisblock board I don’t have a display either. What does the setting: Power/Enable power saving mode do?
The advantages and disadvantages of this setting are unclear to me.

I have the following:

Heltec v3
8db gain antenna
one 3200mah 80516 battery
5 volt x 20 watt solar pannel (meant for charging outdoor camers) has voltage regulator built in and is USB C.
Connected to WIFI

Here are my settings that appear to help the most and are working well in my area. Those who have more experience may have better recomendations or explain why my settings are wrong, so i welcome the recomendations.|

Its a stationary node, so there is no need to have a GPS because its location would not change.

Power Config
Shutdown on Battery delay - 0
ADC multiplier override ratio - 5.2611
Wait for Bluetooth duration - 60
Super deep sleep duration - 500
Light sleep duration - 60
Minimum wake time - 10
Battery INA_2XX I2C address - 0

Display Config
Screen timeout - 0
Auto screen carousel - 0

Position Config
Smart position - enabled
Use fixed position - enabled
Rest of settings on this page are default.

Bluetooth Config
Bluetooth - DISABLED

Telemetry Config
Device metrics update interval - 900
Environment metrics update interval - 900
Environment metrics module - enabled
Environment metrics use Fahrenheit - enabled (but does not work in current firmware)
Air quality metrics update interval - 900
Power metrics update interval - 0
Power metrics on-screen - DISABLED

Neighbor Info Config
Neighbor Info - DISABLED