Router-Node with different QR-Code(key)


Have 4-Router nodes and 2 clients with QR-CodeKey-1 all works perfekt.
Is it possible that other Users can use this 4-Router nodes(Fix installed) with a QR-CodeKey-2?

I tried today but got no Message.
ClientNode with Key1(Start) → RouterNode with Key1 → RouterNode with Key1 → ClientNode with Key1(Destination)
ClientNode with Key2(Start) → ClientNode with Key2(Destination)

Dont work:
ClientNode with Key2(Start) → RouterNode with Key1 → RouterNode with Key1 → ClientNode with Key2(Destination)

Could it be that the nodes does not route pakets with other key’s ???

thanks :slight_smile:

What firmware version are you running?

Im Using

Does not work, fixed in the latest 1.3 version (1.3.41)

Is it enough to update the routers ?
Because the AndroidApp doesn’t work with 1.3.41

The current app on the Play Store will not work with 1.3.41. You can join the testing program to have an Android app compatible with 1.3.41 devices:


Im testing 2.0 but does not work with different keys?
I don’t see the routers on same channel but different keys.

is this funktio still not working or false configured ?

The devices need to have the same LoRa Config Values in order to re-transmit packets without a key. You won’t see the devices in your node list without the same key.

Hmm you write pakets without a key.
Perhabs i understand it false.
But how could i transmit pakets without keys? :sweat_smile:
I always have an QR-Codekey?

A QR code consists of the LoRa config values and a list of channels including their keys. A node will retransmit (without decoding) if it has the same lora config values. It can only decrypt packets that it has a key for.

I can’t confirm this function in V2.0.0. :frowning_face:
Only same lora config and keys retransmit packets over router nodes.

It is working since 1.3.41

Ok it works. False answere or false question or missunderstood :laughing:

Same key1 on channel 1 (commandline)
Same key2 on channel 2 (commandline)

and not changing the qr code in the app😅 with different keys…