Roaming between 2 networks in one chat?

Hello friends and developers!
I’m new to the topic and actively researching community content.
Recently, my friend and I tried a connection for 3 km and the idea came up to build a local grid inside our village. The village is located near a big city. There are several people in the city who are interested in our topic. To expand the number of participants, we would like to connect the local network 433 MHz and the local network 868 MHz. Between the networks, I have the physical ability to put a repeater at both 433 MHz and 868 MHz (There is access to the roof of a tall building and a good large antenna). There was a question. Is it possible somehow to combine people from one local group (433) into a single group with people from another group (868)?

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You could probably achieve this with a computer (ie Raspberry Pi) as a bridge between the two meshes. Any message received from 868 could be relayed on 433 and vice versa.